Loose Leaf - Collingwood, Victoria




every class is art class if you dont care enough


Sea and the rock below
Cocked to the undertow

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"I realize now that it will take time. That the road is long and shrouded in darkness. It is a road that will not always take me where I wish to go. But I will travel down it nonetheless.”


Me by Monika M. Photography (08.28)

artsyfartsybells said: What mediums do you use to color your drawings? I think you mentioned Copic markers? Do you use paints too like water colors or gouache?




Ohhh! actually I stopped using copics, I am now almost/always using “touch markers”

some of my drawings are water colors! and I’ve tried some acrylic paint. next time I will try tagging them with the mediums I use. :D

So I heard you’re using those touch markers now…

It’s been over a year actually, everything is touch markers, I even got me a two pair of skin tones and grey tones. They’re hella addicting.

Eeee I know! I knew throwing that box set over to you would lead to greatness and look at where we are now, you’re like an art goddess u o u